Natural Old Folk Recipes And Herbs

Benefits of Treating With Folk Recipes

Natural Remedies work! Since the beginning of time, individuals have been depending on natural remedies.
It’s proved that almost every illness have a natural remedy. The most important advantages of natural remedies are:

Very easy to use with no side effects and they are prepared with no chemicals

Much milder on your body and you know exactly what ingredients are in your remedy

Natural Remedies Are Safer, Everyone Knows About The Negative Effects Of Drugs Overuse

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Herbs for kidney cleansing. 7 Effective Recipes.

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It is known fact that all human organs can be cleansed by herbs. It is very important to know their properties and how to apply them.

Hydrangea root
Root of hydrangea is known for treating and maintaining kidneys and bladder health. This plant works as a "solvent" of kidney stones. It also helps body to properly absorb calcium, thus preventing forming of new stones.

Celery root
Roots and seeds of celery are great natural diuretic remedy for centuries. The plant helps the body to get rid of toxic substances. Furthermore, the root of celery contain useful potassium and sodium.

Its healing properties have long been known in many countries. It is used in inflammatory diseases of the urinary system, and for kidney cleansing.

Althaea officinalis
The root of this plant is known as a great painkiller and mild diuretic agent. It also acts on the ureter. Research confirms, that it relieves pain and deal with inflammation.

If You Can Control Your Breathing, This Will Allow You To Became Master Of Your Fate

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We all know that in our bodies is flowing life energy. When it stops, we die. Pranayama and Swarodaya ​​are ancient practices of controlling the vital energy (prana) through breathing, and Chinese Tai-Ji-chuan is art of removing air from the body and obtaining a sufficient amount of fresh air.
Pranayama (from prana-energy and pit-direct), or control over breathing is a breathing practice which significantly increase the amount of life energy in our body.

There are several types of breathing practices:
balancing, energizing, heating, cooling and soothing.
All techniques of Pranayama have a healing effect on many diseases by affecting brain hemispheres.

Treatment Of Arthritis With Natural Remedies

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Nutrition – if you suffer from arthritis it is very important to eat “the right food”. Consume lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and limit processed and unhealthy foods. This will help you to maintain a healthy weight, and it's one of the things to prevent and treat arthritis. Drink plenty of water. You should stay well-hydrated to keep moist joints to move smoothly.

Why Should I Drink Water Immediately After Waking Up

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You will enjoy beautiful skin, stronger immune system and a sharp mind

Everyone knows that drinking an adequate amount of water is one of the most important daily habits, that we should observe. Water keeps our body hydrated and is vital for the functioning of all organs. Many people have no idea that the benefits of water drinking is related to what time of day we consuming it. Experts advise taking at least one cup of water in the morning on an empty stomach.

How To Clean The Bronchial Tubes Naturally

How To Clean The Bronchial Tubes
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When to clean the bronchial tubes?

 The answer is very simple: when have inflammation or excessive accumulation of mucus, that interferes with normal breathing.
As you know, these problems need special medical treatment and care. No matter what age you are: both children and adults can suffer from problems, relating to the bronchial tubes.

8 Foods That Cause Stomach Bloating

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Probably, everyone wants to have flat belly. Many of us, attempt through diet and exercise to achieve this. And as if everything seems on track, suddenly our belly swells, and you feel your jeans already tighten. What is happening? Today we'll talk about stomach bloating  and how to deal with it by natural remedies.

How Can Protect Yourself From Hip Wear

Hip wear
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Do you know that the gelatin can help restore cartilage and protect it from damage? Drink at least two liters of water a day to stay well hydrated, as well.
Women are more frequently involved in “painful reality” - joint wear, osteoarthritis and diseases of the muscles that affect their quality of life. 

Natural Treatment Of Bloating

Treatment Of Bloating
Sodium is very harmful to health, especially if consumed in large quantities
Most foods, containing more than enough salt - especially those that are not natural. Avoid adding it to dishes, so buy foods low in sodium.
If you're not inclined to overeat or feel full after only a few mouthfuls, you should not feel heaviness in the stomach.

The causes of bloating  are associated with:
  • intolerance to certain foods
  • stomach allergies, provoked by ingredients that irritate the membrane
  • digestive problems (in fact, many people who suffer from bloating are also lactose intolerant)

How to reduce bloating?

Stop using too much salt!        
Sodium is very harmful to our health, especially if consumed in large quantities. Recommended dose of sodium per day, for adults is 1500 mg. If you do not eat healthy, you may eat up to 2 times more salt. So, try not to add extra salt to food. Always check the nutrition information of the products you buy. Select those - with lower sodium content.

Add more potassium to your diet
Foods with a lot of potassium, such as bananas and spinach help body to expel excess fluid,( including in the stomach). You can make a delicious smoothie with a banana and papaya (medium size) or eat a grilled potato(but do not peel it) with ½ cup steamed spinach.

Do not drink alcohol
Alcoholic drinks are harmful to your health for several reasons. If you have bloating, it is possible to be as a result of alcohol, which is fermented in the intestines and causes stomach gas and bloating.

Thermal processing of vegetables
Eating raw vegetables is more beneficial to your body than cooked. If you suffer from excessive bloating, however, you must choose the second option. Unprocessed foods can cause bloating, because they require more time to digest.

Foods that reduce bloating
If you consume foods, containing antioxidants, will be removed a large number of toxins from blood. Blueberries, apples, onions, celery and garlic, contain antioxidants in abundance. It is enough to eat 3-4 fruit and the same quantity vegetables a day.

They help fight a bloated stomach. Be sure to add fruit, vegetables, whole grains, rice, wheat flour and oats to your daily diet. Do not overdo, because fibers can cause gas.

Foods, containing low fats
Low-fat foods are a great way to reduce stomach swelling. They are healthier, than those with a high fat content. Replace sweets that you use for breakfast, with a bowl of cereal and fruit. Instead of eating french fries, eat carrots or celery. If you prefer meat, it’s better - grilled, not fried.

Cumin, oregano and dill - these are the spices to fight bloating. Dill is also a great antiseptic, making it ideal for diarrhea. Caraway is both a sedative and diuretic, suitable for those suffering from fluid retention.
Oregano improves digestion and as a diuretic, is good for the liver and kidneys.


Linden tea helps fight stress, thanks to its soothing properties. It decreases appetite and anxiety.

The leaves of birch reduce swelling, especially when the woman is in cycle.

Homemade smoothie against bloating
Super effective way to solve the problem!
It contains only four ingredients, but they allow body to fight excess liquids and gases, causing bloating.

The first ingredient is yogurt. Some people are lactose intolerant but yogurt contains a lot of "good" bacteria that eliminate all food fermenting in the guts.
The second is ginger. It helps a lot if you suffer from indigestion, bloating and flatulence. Ginger also prevents cramps.
The third component is banana - rich in potassium. It compensates sodium excess in body.
And finally: cardamom - a spice from India, supporting digestion.

Pour 2 -3 cups of low-fat yogurt in a blender, add 2 peeled and sliced ​​bananas, 1 tablespoon grated ginger and ¼ teaspoon cardamom powder. You can also add ½ cup skim milk, 2 tablespoons honey, 1/2 cup ice. Mix all ingredients and enjoy!

Banana Peel - The Largest Herb In The World. 17 Unknown Facts.

Banana Peel
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When it comes to bananas, we're all used to consume only the flesh. What we do not know however, is that the peel is saturated with up to three times more nutrients compared to the inner part of the fruit. So, before throwing banana’s peel into the bin, it is great to get to know with its properties:
The largest herb in the world

1.Lower cholesterol levels
Peels contain a significantly higher amount of fiber than the fruit itself. In turn, these nutrients reduce "bad" cholesterol in body, reducing the risk of stroke and blood vessel disease.

11 Easy Steps To Reduce Bloating

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Easy steps to reduce bloating

Regardless of weight, or size of the clothes we wear, sometimes when trying to take on our favorite pair of jeans or skirt, we can determine that our stomach is bloated, which seemed to make clothes tighter and we look a little heavier. This problem can result from the accumulation of gases, overeating or a sign of a certain disease. Whatever the case is, we are trying to avoid this malaise.
And when that happens, we want to eliminate it as quickly as possible and regain a sense of comfort. Probably, you want to understand how to reduce bloating naturally?

10 Golden Rules For Healthy And Strong Bones

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Rules for strong bones

The words "women" and "osteoporosis" often go hand in hand. This is due to the fact that women are at a predisposition toward developing this disease. Osteoporosis is hereditary in nature, but can be provoked by two other factors that are modifiable, as long as we have will. 

It is a way of life and consuming certain type of food. Today I want to present 10 golden rules for healthy and strong bones. When we talk about osteoporosis,  it often occurs in women aged 55-70 years, as this is the period of women life when their bones become fragile and are at higher risk of fracture. It is true, that post-menopause  estrogen levels greatly decrease, leading to lower bone density, but before it happened something else - the level of calcium in the body decreases after age of 30.

How To Treat Dandruff With Herbs? 9 Natural Remedies That Work

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Dandruff is a common scalp condition that is characterized by itching and appearance of white flakes of dead skin. Dandruff (also called ‘pityriasis capitis’) is an uninflamed form of seborrhoeic dermatitis.
The condition occurs equally in men and women and although unpleasant, it can be controlled fairly easily with some home remedies. Here are some ways to deal effectively with the problem:

Massage with warm oils
Dry scalp and poor blood circulation are among the possible causes of dandruff and if this is the case, massage with warm oil can be very helpful. Heat a little olive oil or coconut oil, mix it with lemon juice and massage your scalp with the mixture. Allow the oil to act about 20 minutes, then brush the hair and scalp with shampoo.

The Most Common Reasons Of Hair Loss. Six Home Remedies And Recipes Treating Hair Loss And Baldness

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Hair has a major aesthetic role for all of us and therefore hair loss, or damaged hair worries not only men but also women.
It is believed, that a normal person loses 50 to 100 hairs every day, and it does not affect vision of our hair. For hair loss we can talk when fallen hair is considerably more and drop out of the scalp without much effort. Before taking any measures to treat hair loss, you must consult a dermatologist. He will determine the possible cause of thinning hair and recommend appropriate treatment. Self-medication should be avoided because it may have unwanted side effects. Experts differ several types of hair loss:

1.Androgenic alopecia

Androgen hair loss is the most common and is believed that it has family story. It is caused by the impact of androgen (male) hormones. In females this type of hair loss occurs with thinning hair at the temples, and later loosing hair at the front part of the scalp.
The process develops itself into symmetrical sections and rarely starts before of the age of twenty. Although, women also suffer from androgenic alopecia and according to different sources, the percentage of affected is between 10 and 20%.

2. Hair loss caused by illness
Many diseases or mechanical harm can lead to hair damage follicles. Traumatic hair loss appears very often as a result of accidental physical injury, or as a result of frequent cosmetic procedures. In most cases, hair loss is reversible, and hair recovers itself after eliminating the reason. The most common causes are frequent treatment of hair with different dyes and pigments, daily use of presses and hair-dryer. Experts warn that high temperatures destroy hair structure and permanently damaging it. It is recommended that hair should be left to dry itself.

3. Reactive hair loss
In some states, such as prolonged and high fever, blood loss, mental shock and severe stress, in some people can appear significant hair loss and even baldness.
Dermatologists calm that reactive hair loss is reversible and within a few months hair follicles fully recover. In 30% to 50% of women,(after childbirth) appears significant loss of hair, but it recovers to half a year later.

The Healing Power Of Swedish Bitters. 46 Unsuspected Properties.

What cures Swedish Bitters?

1. To dispel pain and dizziness and to strengthen brain and memory, smell a swab, soaked into Swedish Bitters, or put a moistened cloth on your forehead.
2. They help against cloudy eyes and remove redness and pain, even if the eyes are inflamed, cloudy and hazy. They also remove stains.
3. It cures rashes and flesh-wounds of any kind, if well moistened.
4. For toothache, pour a tablespoon of these herbs in a glass of water and hold it for a while in your mouth.
5. Canker sores or any other disabilities can be frequently moistened with these drops.
6. If difficult to swallow, you can take Swedish bitters, three times a day. Drink slowly, for better effect!
7. During abdominal crisis, take a tablespoon.
8. When have colic, take three full tablespoons - slowly, one by one. Soon after that, you will feel relief.
9. It cools the liver, eliminate all diseases in the stomach and flatulence,  help if you have constipation.
10. Swedish bitters  is great remedy against indigestion.
11. It helps if you are bilious. Pain will disappear soon, if take a full tablespoon of these herbs every day, and before bed time make compresses with them.
12. If you have dropsy, take morning and evening by a full tablespoon of the drops, deluted in a small amount of white wine, for six weeks.

25 Coconut Oil Uses You Never Heard Of

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Coconut oil, also known as the “tree of life” has a great number of useful properties - antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, powerful antioxidant etc. It has many more uses (of course) and must have it at home, especially - cold pressed and organic.

Make your dream skin ...

1.You can reduce the appearance of age spots, wrinkles and varicose veins, as rubbing daily coconut oil over the affected areas. Coconut oil is similar in composition to the oils inside your skin and stimulates the growth of new skin cells.
2. Use coconut oil before and after shave, and you’ll reduce irritation and redness of the skin.
3. Mix coconut oil with an equal amount of sugar or fine sea salt, and get a great mixture for rubbing out the whole body. Add some essential oils (peppermint or rose) to create your own favorite flavor.
4. Smear your body with coconut oil, immediately after a shower, to achieve incredible softness. Apply it over dry areas, such as elbows and feet.
5. Remove makeup with a cotton swab, soaked in coconut oil. Your face will feel fresh and clean.
6. Coconut oil is absorbed into the deepest layers of the skin, without clogging pores. It is the perfect moisturizer, that heals injuries and prevents the effects of psoriasis, eczema and acne.
7. Coconut oil helps reducing the appearance of dark circles under the eyes. Apply gently around the eyes, before sleep.
8. Applying a layer of coconut oil on the strong chapped lips, relieves dryness and accelerates healing. If applied daily over lips, coconut oil makes them elastic and protects from the sun!
9. Insect bites, fresh tattoos and other superficial skin lesions are healed faster with coconut oil. Coconut oil applied on damaged areas of the skin, protects it from bacteria, while stimulating the growth of new skin and rapid healing. It has great flavor and is safe for people of any age and with any type of skin.
10. If you are sunbathing, use coconut oil instead of other products for getting tan. It keeps skin moisture and protects it from damage. Sun is helpful and stimulates the production of vitamin D - but do not overdo sun exposure.

What Trigger Allergic Rhinitis (Hay Fever)? Causes And Symptoms

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What Trigger Allergic Rhinitis?
Allergic rhinitis is associated with inflammation of the nose lining and paranasal sinuses.

 This can cause sneezing, itching, nasal congestion, runny nose and penetration of mucus (secretion) in the back of the throat. Sometimes rhinitis can be caused by respiratory tract infections (viruses, colds).

Risk groups
The risk of developing allergic rhinitis is much larger in people who suffer from asthma or those with a family history. Allergic rhinitis can developed at any age, although most people develop it in childhood or youth years.
Approximately 20% of the world's population suffer from allergic rhinitis.

Causes of allergic rhinitis
It is caused by tiny substances called allergens, that trigger allergic reactions. They can provoke different responses in individual patients - asthma (lungs), allergic conjunctivitis (skin), etc.
This allergic reaction is obtained in response to the activation of two types of inflammatory cells-fatty and basophils ones. They cause congestion in the nose, sneezing, itching and runny nose.

Kinds of allergic rhinitis

Seasonal – it appears during specific season (related to pollen, grasses and weeds).
Year-round - provoked by mites, cockroaches, spores from fungi and molds, dust. This type of rhinitis is usually treated much more difficult.

Although rhinitis is often associated with problems in the nose, the vast majority of patients have complained of itching and leakage of viscous secretion of the eyes, flowing a colorless liquid at the back of the throat (continuously formed sputum) and problems ears (feeling constantly clogged).

Here is the entire spectrum of symptoms:

nose - leakage of watery substance from nose, blocked nasal passages and paranasal sinuses, sneezing and itchy eyes (feeling mist to the eyes), internal itch in ears and nose, facial pressure in the forehead / sinus ( especially when changing air pressure and  weather).

eyes - itching, redness, feeling that there is grit in them, slightly bluish skin under the eyes.

throat and ears - sore throat and ears, tingling and itching in the ears, hoarseness

sleep - with frequent waking during the night, breathing through the mouth, feeling fatigue during the day, reluctance to work

Diagnosis of allergic rhinitis
Your doctor will ask questions about:
  • time / season and the day of its appearance
  • whether, it occurs throughout the year
  • is there a family member who has rhinitis
  • do you use drugs that can provoke symptoms of rhinitis
  • do you have pets
  • how often wipe the dust at home

Your doctor may start skin test to detect common allergens.

Why Maintaining Our Lymphatic System Is So Important? Stagnant and Sluggish Lymph – Treatment.

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In order to function well, lymphatic system must be in very good condition. Millions of people around the world are struggling with sluggish and slow lymphatic system. This is because it is clogged by waste products and fat. The lymphatic system is closely related to our immune system. Speed with which operates the immune system depends on the bad or good function of lymph.

Lymphatic system
When infected, the cells that have identified "invader", have to migrate into the lymphatic system and to deliver data to lymphocytes (T cells), which are located in the lymph tissue.

What is lymph stasis?
Proper movement of lymph is essential for fast movement of our immune system during infection (and not only).
The fluid between each cell of our body, turns itself into lymph fluid, while enters the lymph vessels. The waste products of metabolism, that are too large to enter the blood, are transported through our lymphatic system to the liver for processing. The more we are exposed to depreciation of various factors and conditions, the more waste products have to go through this lymphatic system.
Lymphatic fluid, passing through the two major thoracic channels on both sides of the spine, between the shoulders.

How To Prepare 8 Cheap Healing Extracts From Herbs And Spices At Home. Do It Yourself.

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Surely, you have ever encounter a recipe, requiring extract from some herbs or spices - vanilla, mint, almond and coconut are among the most common. 

So, I decided to teach you how to do it yourself at home. It’s easy.
For this purpose, you need some small jars (with a screw cap) or glass bottles, vodka and herbs/spices. I’ll show you how to prepare extracts from coconut, orange, ginger, lime, vanilla and several mixed.

Here are some important things that's nice to know in advance to prepare a good extract:

1. To obtain qualitative extract, it should pass at least 2 weeks (in some cases 3-4 weeks).When the taste of vodka become unnoticeable, the extract is ready.
2. Jars/bottles should be shaken every day during preparation of the extract, it may take 2-3, or 4 weeks.
3. After extract is ready, you can remove the herb (spice) / if you want/. Also, you can leave it inside, especially if you think you'll use it more than six months, because the taste can be reduced. This does not apply only to mint - its leaves should be removed from the jar, after 2-3 days.
4. Jars must be kept in a cool dark place. If you keep them on a shelf (ie not in the dark), use jars of dark glass.
5. The extracts will not spoil. The only danger is the weakening of taste, over time.
6. You can always refill vodka or to add more spices/ herbs.
7. You can also use other types of alcohol, if you think that the flavors will fit - such as rum or tequila. The important thing is to be strong alcohol, about 40%.
8. You can use the extracts to flavor cakes, for cocktails or treatment.

1.Extracts from oranges, limes / or lemons/, grapefruits
Proportion: you can use the peel from one lemon/orange with 150ml alcohol.
Wash well the fruit peel, then put it in the jar, pour vodka to the top, close tightly and shake.

Proportion: use 1 vanilla pod with maximum 100ml of alcohol
To prepare vanilla, cut it in two, lengthwise. With the back of the knife, scrape the seeds. Then cut the pods and put everything in a jar. Pour vodka and shake.

3. Mint
Proportion: a handful of leaves with 150ml of alcohol
Get 5-7 stalks of mint, wash well and dry. Put the leaves (without stems) in a jar, pour vodka and shake. The only difference with other extracts, is that mint leaves should be removed after about three days.

Proportion: half a coconut with 200ml of alcohol
Stick a nail into one of the "eyes" of the coconut, empty the juice through the hole. Then, using a hammer, crush " the equator" of the coconut. The brown part is peeled with peeler and the white-grated or minced. Put it in a jar, pour vodka and shake.

5. Cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and ginger
Easy preparation-just put all these spices in the jar, cut ginger into chunks, pour 200 ml vodka and shake.

6. Ginger
Proportion: root the size of a large walnut about 150-200m alcohol
It is important to be well washed. Cut it into pieces, add vodka and shake.

7. Apple and cinnamon
Proportion: 1/4 apple and 1 cinnamon stick, 150ml of alcohol
Apple and ginger does not need to be peeled. Just cut and put in a jar, add cinnamon stick. And, of course, vodka.

8. Almonds
Proportion: 5 almonds with 150ml of alcohol
Peel raw 5-6 almonds and put them in a jar with vodka.

Good luck and do not hesitate to experiment!

Best Ways Cleansing Lymph

The lymphatic system is older than cardiovascular system. It is also called "The White River". The first deception of official medicine is that it cannot be affected. For sure, here are countless methods of alternative medicine that can help.

The lymphatic system stays in the basis of the purification of inter cellular spaces, and it is also a part of our immune system. Its function is to filter the blood, to produce white blood cells, to protect us against diseases etc.
The lymphatic system includes spleen, thymus glands (endocrine gland), appendix, tonsils, lymph nodes and vessels, lymphatic tissue. 

When lymph passes through the lymph nodes and spleen, the obsolete cells, bacterial agents and other alien substances (got into body) are being removed. The purified lymph returns again in the lymphatic system.

Clogging of the lymphatic system may lead to many diseases:
allergies, sinusitis, arthritis, cancer, colitis, lupus (erythematosis), obesity and skin problems. It can also be the cause of edema (water retention), lack of energy, constipation (constipation), clogged sinuses, backache, aches and pains and a sense of weakness, lethargy.

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