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How To Reduce And Remove Nitrates From Fruits And Vegetables? Simple Homemade Tricks.

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We usually associate Spring with lettuce and green onions, which are among the vegetables, containing many nitrates.  It’s known that there are nitrates even in drinking water and sausages. It is important to know, what are the values of nitrates in drinking water in the area you live.

The question is, whether our body has a mechanism to deal with nitrates. Unfortunately, the answer is -no. In itself, however, nitrates are not harmful,  however, it is dangerous when nitrates turn themselves into nitrites. They in turn, combine to hemoglobin in human organism, and thus, they prevent the transfer of oxygen to tissues and organs. This may lead to appearance of cancer.

What  we  can do  is to remove them in a very simple way. The most elementary thing,  is to soak the green salad in a bowl of water in which there  are couples of  spoons of vinegar. Mix 5 tablespoons of vinegar with one liter of water. If you do not have vinegar, you can add baking soda in the same proportion.

Soak the salad for at least 20-30 minutes, then throw out the water and rinse. To be even more sure, that you have no nitrates in the salad, season it with lemon.  It contains large amounts of vitamin C, which prevents conversion of nitrates into nitrites.
Other vegetables that can be treated in the same way, are green onions, garlic and tomatoes. It's nice to know, that tomatoes with thicker peel, contain more nitrates. Carrots and beets – they accumulate nitrates in root tips (mustache), so always remove them.

If you notice that they are curly (mustaches), it is best not buy these vegetables. The same goes for radishes. Mainly, nitrates are contained in the peels of fruits and vegetables. In potatoes, however, there are nitrates and in their core, as well. So first peel the potatoes, cut them into several pieces, boil them, throw out the water and then cook.

When prepare cabbage,  it is necessary to remove the top 4-5 leaves to make sure that you have no  problem with nitrates. Cucumbers, zucchini, eggplant - to get rid of nitrates, cut off the stalk and soak vegetables in water for 1 hour.

Always choose cucumbers with deep green color. Darker color indicates more nitrates. Apples, pears - they contain not only nitrates, but also dangerous substances for long-term storage of fruits. It is better to peel them or soak in water, before consumption.
Watermelons – buy them if they are mellowed very well. If you encounter a watermelon with large white threads inside, it is  better not to consume it. Nitrates accumulate themselves mainly in the peel and just below it.

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