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Benefits of Treating With Folk Recipes

Natural Remedies work! Since the beginning of time, individuals have been depending on natural remedies.
It’s proved that almost every illness have a natural remedy. The most important advantages of natural remedies are:

Very easy to use with no side effects and they are prepared with no chemicals

Much milder on your body and you know exactly what ingredients are in your remedy

Natural Remedies Are Safer, Everyone Knows About The Negative Effects Of Drugs Overuse

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Every Bad Emotion Hits A Body. Lungs Suffer From Fear And Lack Of Love, Kidneys ...A Unique System Treating Cancer.

Every Bad Emotion Hits A Body
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Have you heard about Dr. Hamer, german practitioner, who treats cancer through a unique system?
He reveals that cancer is an ancient program, stored in every person, triggered by strong shock or event.
The choice of focus of the conflict happens with a subconscious association. For instance, biological conflicts that are associated with water and other liquids (oil, milk ...), leading to kidney cancer, fear of death - to lung cancer, and so on…..
Hamer illustrates this with another example - a woman who “catches” her husband in bed with another woman. This sexual conflict causes uterus cancer. If instead it is experienced as a conflict with your partner, then to right-handed woman it leads to cancer of the right breast. If the feeling, by the conflict is fear and revulsion, it causes hypoglycemia and loss of self-respect, it can develop cancer of the pubic bone, as well.
If the lack of self-respect was provoked by sporting failure, and not related with sex, then the problem would occur in the arm or leg, and perhaps in the fingers or shoulders.
Other typical events, that could lead to biological conflicts are different situations of loss - a loved one, a job, a valuable possession or territory.

Dr. Hamer believes that most of metastases, or secondary tumors, are caused by fear of cancer, or fear of death, as a result of cancer diagnosis, or a negative prognosis. In this case, however, the conflict-shock may not be a fear, but rather than anger, resentment, or conflict of separation from partner, or children and then tumors would appear in different places. Also, diagnosis of colon cancer, usually causes secondary liver cancer, due to subconscious fear of starvation.
In general, despair, loss of hope, provokes chronic stress, which hinders the treatment of cancer and other diseases, but it is not the main cause of their appearance. According to Hamer, the cause is an unexpected traumatic shock, for which a person is emotionally unprepared.

The following list, details some of the bonds between emotions and the relevant organs, which they affect:

Adrenal cortex: Wrong direction, lead astray
Bladder: Ugly conflict, “dirty” tricks
Bones: Lack of self-respect, inferiority complex
Breasts: Conflict associated with care or disharmony
Milk ducts in breast: Conflict, caused by divorce
Left breast (right-handed women): Conflict, related to child, mother, home
Right breast (right-handed women): Conflict with a partner, or other people
Bronchi: Territorial conflict
Cervix: Heavy dead-lock, frustration, frustration
Colon: Ugly "indigestible" conflict
Oesophagus: Something that can not be accepted, or swallowed
Bile: Conflict related to rivalry
Heart: Constant conflict
Guts: Unable to swallow anger
Kidneys: Reluctance to life, connected with water or fluid conflict
Larynx: Fear or fright
Liver: Fear of starvation
Lung: Fear of death, or suffocation, including fear for someone else
Lymph glands: Loss of self-esteem, associated with place
Melanoma: Feeling “dirty”, desecration, profanation
Middle ear: Inability to obtain vital information
Mouth: Something that can not be swallowed or detained
Pancreas: Trouble conflict with people in the family
Prostate: Ugly conflict with sexual nature or connotation
Rectum: Fear from uselessness
Skin: Impaired mental or emotional integrity
Spleen: Shock of physical or emotional wound
Stomach: Indigestible anger, swallowed too long
Testises and ovaries: Conflict, related to a loss
Thyroid: Feeling of helplessness
Uterus: Sexual conflict

And here's the bond between conflicts and diseases:
Diabetes and hypoglycemia: Right-handed woman develop low blood sugar as a result of anxiety, but if she is left-handed, she develops insulin-dependent diabetes. A man, who uses his right hand, develops insulin dependent diabetes, by a conflict against him, if left-handed-hyperglycemia.
Heart attack: fight for territory.
Hemorrhoids: right-handed women, with an identity crisis, and left-handed men, with anger, caused by territorial problems will develop hemorrhoids.
Multiple sclerosis and paralysis, inability to escape, to go ahead or not to retreat, or ignorance of what to do.
Facial paralysis: fear, that person will lose his dignity, after something made him a laughing stock, or he has became an object of ridicule.
Psoriasis: is associated with conflict of separation from mother, father, family, home, friends or pets.
Vitiligo, Leukoderma: ugly or brutal conflict of separation.
According Dr. Hamer, no one has ever died from AIDS, before he had been told, that he/she was HIV-positive. The conclusion is that, just as with cancer, the negative perception, associated with AIDS, has led to devastating effect.

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