Natural Old Folk Recipes And Herbs

Benefits of Treating With Folk Recipes

Natural Remedies work! Since the beginning of time, individuals have been depending on natural remedies.
It’s proved that almost every illness have a natural remedy. The most important advantages of natural remedies are:

Very easy to use with no side effects and they are prepared with no chemicals

Much milder on your body and you know exactly what ingredients are in your remedy

Natural Remedies Are Safer, Everyone Knows About The Negative Effects Of Drugs Overuse

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How To Have White And Healthy Teeth And Gums Throughout Your Whole Life? Natural Homemade Toothpaste.

How To Have White And Healthy Teeth And Gums

Homemade toothpaste?! Surely it will have no fluoride or other harmful additives in it. My mother was cleaning her teeth throughout her life with baking soda and salt, and still she has snow-white teeth with no filling. This of course depends on genes, but we can brush our teeth with homemade pastes and powders, as well.

Here are some recipes for homemade toothpaste and tooth powder:

1.Banana toothpaste
Mix equal parts of dried banana peel, fine sea salt, olive oil and pine extract.

Every Bad Emotion Hits A Body. Lungs Suffer From Fear And Lack Of Love, Kidneys ...A Unique System Treating Cancer.

Every Bad Emotion Hits A Body
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Have you heard about Dr. Hamer, german practitioner, who treats cancer through a unique system?
He reveals that cancer is an ancient program, stored in every person, triggered by strong shock or event.
The choice of focus of the conflict happens with a subconscious association. For instance, biological conflicts that are associated with water and other liquids (oil, milk ...), leading to kidney cancer, fear of death - to lung cancer, and so on…..
Hamer illustrates this with another example - a woman who “catches” her husband in bed with another woman. This sexual conflict causes uterus cancer. If instead it is experienced as a conflict with your partner, then to right-handed woman it leads to cancer of the right breast. If the feeling, by the conflict is fear and revulsion, it causes hypoglycemia and loss of self-respect, it can develop cancer of the pubic bone, as well.
If the lack of self-respect was provoked by sporting failure, and not related with sex, then the problem would occur in the arm or leg, and perhaps in the fingers or shoulders.
Other typical events, that could lead to biological conflicts are different situations of loss - a loved one, a job, a valuable possession or territory.

How To Get Rid Of Toenail Fungus At Home? Treatment With Folk Remedies – Vinegar, Tea Tree, Oregano And Olive Oil

How To Get Rid Of  Toenail Fungus
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Toenails fungus (onychomycosis) is a disease that affects half of the people aged 70. Nails can be cracked, splitted or completely removed. They are being "attacked" by fungus called "adermatophyte". Good news is that this kind of fungus are treatable. Sometimes you might need medical care, but there are things you can do yourself to relieve the pain. Fungi inhabit skin, without causing any harm.

They can exist in the form of a yeast, or in small fibers. Because their cell walls are made of unique chemicals, and are completely different organisms, they can not be destroyed by antibiotics , which kill bacteria. It is true. that fungi are difficult to treat, but most of them are harmless.

Vaginal Yeast Infection In Women. Treating Candidiasis With Natural Remedies – Yoghurt, Tea Tree Oil, Garlic, Calendula, Apple Vinegar And Honey. Old Folk Recipes.

Vaginal Yeast Infection In Women
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Candidiasis is a fungal infection that affects different areas of body: genital area,vagina,  skin, throat, blood etc. It is spread by an overgrowth of fungus. The most common is Candida albicans .


1. Oral candidiasis.
2. Invasive candidiasis (candidemia) - penetration of infection in blood.
3. Candidiasis of skin folds.
4. Candidiasis in babies.
5. Candidiasis in genital area, vaginal fungus (yeast infection or vulvovaginal yeast infection)

1. Oral candidiasis (oral thrush)

This is a fungal infection that affects the oral cavity or throat. It is also known as "thrush".  It is commonly seen in:
babies, elderly, people with HIV or a weak immune system, patients undergoing chemotherapy, people with diabetes, after prolonged antibiotic therapy.

The most common symptoms include:
  •  white coating  in throat and tongue
  •  difficulties in swallowing
  •  flushed mouth
  • chapped lips

10 Home Remedies That Relieve Back Pain Fast

Relieve Back Pain Fast
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Back pain is among the most common complaints among adults. These pain are associated with muscle intervertebral joints, spine and bones.

Back pain is divided into acute and chronic.

Acute pain usually lasts from several days to several weeks, and often subside by its own, or with the help of some analgesic. The chronic one lasts much longer and may continue for months and even years. The pain can often be progressive and worsens over time. Once cause is established, medications are prescribed, to relieve symptoms, or eliminate the source.
Most sources of pain are not life-threatening, but some disorders of the spine can put pressure on nerves in the spinal cord. Seek immediate medical care  if you feel:

  • loss of sensation in legs or shoulders
  • paralysis of limbs
  • paralysis of limbs
  • inability to control bladder
  • unusual weakness or numbness of body

Natural Cures And Herbs For Treating Alcochol Dependance

 Treating Alcochol Dependance
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Signs of alcohol dependance
  • You spend more time drinking and you need some time for recovery
  • You begin to reject its obligations to you can drink
  • Although you have health problems and dispute with your partner, you continue to drink
  • You start drinking in the morning and most of the time you drink alone
  • Switch from one drink to another, without distinction
  • Feel guilt after drinking
  • Often hide alcohol from your wife, or looking to borrow money to drink
  • Start to show physical signs of alcohol addiction: weight loss, pain, (gastritis), redness of the nose and cheeks
  • Alcohol abuse can advance itself very fast, or to move slowly over the years. In the beginning you might think that you can opt out at any time, but……………………

Health issues
Too much alcohol in the long term can damage your heart, liver or brain. This can worsen your health and you can suffer from:

Cirrhosis and pancreatitis
High blood pressure
Some types of cancer (including breast cancer)

Heavy drinking can cause stomach and sexual problems. This can provoke violence, accidents, social isolation and problems at work, school or home.
Dependance to alcohol can cause serious problems to elderly people, pregnant women and people with other diseases. If you are pregnant, you should not drink any alcohol, because it may harm your unborn baby.

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