Natural Old Folk Recipes And Herbs

Benefits of Treating With Folk Recipes

Natural Remedies work! Since the beginning of time, individuals have been depending on natural remedies.
It’s proved that almost every illness have a natural remedy. The most important advantages of natural remedies are:

Very easy to use with no side effects and they are prepared with no chemicals

Much milder on your body and you know exactly what ingredients are in your remedy

Natural Remedies Are Safer, Everyone Knows About The Negative Effects Of Drugs Overuse

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How To Cure Insomnia? 13 Folk Recipes Treating Sleep Problems.

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A few tips to get rid of insomnia

The biggest problem with insomnia is to determine the exact cause of its appearance. Stress and worries about work and personal life are among the main factors for the occurrence of insomnia
There are two main types of insomnia. The first one is when we struggle to get to sleep, but we can not, and the second one - when a person is in a state similar to sleep, but his body can’t rest, and one feels even more tired because of lack of adequate sleep.
The biggest problem with insomnia is to determine the exact cause of its appearance. According some sources the problem of lack of sleep due to the fact that one does not use up enough energy during the day. As a result, during the night he could not sleep because his organism has no need of sleep!

If your case is similar, there is a universal solution for deliverance from insomnia. Exercise in the active part of the day and improved diet will surely help you to get your rest.
If you suffer from insomnia, it is important to cancel all stimulating drinks such as coffee, tea or alcohol, especially at night. Reading before bed also helps, as well as watching a light comedy series on television before falling asleep.

13 Folk Recipes That Cure Insomnia

The positive effect of  these recipes is proven by centuries, but those who have some chronic troubles, need to consult their doctor.

1.Before bedtime take a nice warm (but not hot) bath, adding 50-100 ml Valerian oil. Do not stay more than 10-12 minutes.

2. Drink  15-20 drops of valerian (with a sip of water) 3 times a day, 30 minutes before meals.

3.Rub warm oil in the occipital pit, embrocate the knees and  the elbows, palms and feet.

4.If  insomnia is caused by a rush of blood to the head, apply mustard or horseradish  paws on the calves. Simultaneously drink 1glass of brine from pickled cucumbers and 1 tablespoon of honey.

5. Into pot of 3 liters boiling water add a handful of chopped oregano. Take it off from the stove. Wrap the pot with a piece of wool and leave it for an hour, then strain. Drink throughout the day.

6. After bathing, do not dry your hair with blow-dryer, make a turban instead with a warm towel.

7. Mix a tablespoon of rye grains with a tablespoon of oat grains. Pour in 0.6 liters of water and cook it until berries start cracks. Immediately strain, and drink it instead water.

8. If your insomnia is associated with sexual problems, mix equal parts of chopped fruit hops, lemon balm and mint. One tablespoon of the mixture, pour with beer 0,5l , leave it for 12 hours (shaking from time to time), strain. Drink half a cup, twice a day.

9. A cup of pumpkin juice mix with 2 tablespoons of honey. Put to boil, then boil it in a water bath about 20 minutes. Drink 1/4 cup, 3-4 times a day, 30 min. before eating.

10. Pour on a tablespoon of chamomile with 1.5 tea cups of boiling water. Boil in a water bath for 30minutes. Drink half cup before meals. This recipe is effective for curing migraine.

11. At dinner eat 2-3 cloves garlic. This helps against flu.

12. An hour before bedtime, drink a cup of freshly squeezed juice of cabbage.

13. At dinner, drink half a glass of freshly squeezed juice of raw potato. Immediately thereafter you will feel a little irritation of the throat, so do a gargle with water or drink some carrot juice or other fruit. This recipe helps with persistent headache.

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Cirrhosis of The Liver - Symptoms and Treatment. Folk Recipes and Diets.

Cirrhosis of the liver

Liver is the largest gland in our body that performs many important functions. Some of them are:
  • purifies blood from harmful substances (alcohol, drugs)
  • regulates blood sugar
  • degrades hemoglobin
  • destroys old red blood cells

Because the liver performs many vital functions, it is disposed to various diseases. Some of them are:
Liver steatosis, hemochromatosis, abscesses of the liver, liver echinococcus, alcoholic liver disease, toxic liver damage, liver failure, chronic hepatitis, inflammatory diseases of the liver, fibrosis and cirrhosis of the liver

Liver Cirrhosis - Causes

Cirrhosis can be provoked by many liver diseases, where there is a disruption of the structure and function of the liver.
Among the main reasons are:
  • excessive alcohol consumption
  • viral hepatitis B and C
  • various inflammations
  • intoxications
  • infections

People who suffer from cirrhosis can develop jaundice, they get tired very easily or have itching all over the body. When you have liver damage and the tissue is destroyed, it can have far reaching consequences for the whole organism as the blood flow through the liver may be blocked.

Hepatic cirrhosis is a progressive illness, continuing  for many years. The possible consequences could be stopping the function of the liver (liver failure).
If cirrhosis is in softer form, it can renew itself and continue to function properly. However, if the disease is in an advanced stage, the damage is irreversible.

Signs and symptoms of cirrhosis

The listed symptoms below may occur at an earlier stage of the disease:
  • capillaries become visible on the skin of the abdomen
  • fatigue and insomnia
  • itchy skin
  • loss of appetite and weight
  • nausea and weakness
  • pain in the liver
  • redness of the palms of hands

With the disease progression may appear the following symptoms:
  • stomach collects fluid
  • fast heartbeat
  • personality change (blood accumulates toxins that affect the brain).
  • bleeding gums
  • alcohol and drugs are processed very hard
  • confusion and dizziness
  • accumulation of fluid in the ankles and feet
  • hair loss
  • jaundice
  • loss of libido
  • memory problems
  • muscle cramps and fever
  • easily tired
  • bleeding from the nose and vomiting blood
  • darke colored urine

1.Over alcohol consumption-not only alcoholics are at risk, people who regularly drink alcohol in large quantities are also endangered. In order to develop cirrhosis you should have had alcohol problems for at least ten years, but this is fairly relative. Female alcoholics  are more at risk than men.
2. Hepatitis C – Bloodstream infection( by hepatitis C) also may provoke liver cirrhosis. It should not be forgotten that cirrhosis can be caused by hepatitis B and D.
3. Accumulation of excess fat in the liver – at risk are overweight and hypertensive patients, and those with a lot of blood lipids. The accumulated fat causes inflammation, which leads to the formation of cirrhosis later.
 4. Autoimmune hepatitis – it may occurs when the patient's immune system begins to attack healthy organs in the body. There are cases when the immune system attacks the liver and the patient may develop cirrhosis.
5.Bile duct occlusion- various kinds of diseases such as cancer of the gall bladder or pancreas can block the bile duct and thus increase the risk of developing liver cirrhosis.

Which symptoms are dangerous?

Immediately visit a doctor if:
  • have fever and shivering
  • feeling short of breath
  • vomit blood
  • have very dark stools
  • feeling very confused 
  • weakness and fatigue

How to prevent cirrhosis of the liver?
  • refrain from alcohol
  • use a well-balanced diet
  • do not smoke
  • wash your teeth regularly, avoid infection, which can lead to the spread of infection in the liver
  • practice safe sex with a condom (hepatitis B and C are transmitted sexually)
  • maintain a healthy weight (excess fat in the body can damage the liver) 

Best Diet For Cirrhosis of Liver

The diet should be initiated by placing the patient on bed. He should rest and refrain from alcohol, drinking fresh juice for about 6 days( juices of papaya, grapes, beetroot and lemon). After a six-day period it’s nice to be included lots of fruits and vegetables, nuts and grains. You should keep a high protein diet. For this purpose you can drink raw goat milk, it is the best source of protein for the liver. Very useful are pumpkins, beetroot, tomatoes and radishes. Avoid oil and fats for a few weeks. Exclude the following foods from your diet:

  • foods made ​​with refined oil
  • tea, strong coffee
  • prepared and preserved foods
  • spices
  • fried foods

It's good to do a daily enema (with warm water) to cleanse the bowels. If you suffer from chronic constipation , you should first deal with it.
Reduce sodium intake, ie you must use less salt in food. You will feel much better and it will prevent the accumulation of fluid in the abdomen and legs

What foods to eat?
  • fresh meat
  • fresh fruits and vegetables
  • avocado
  • nuts
  • fish
  • vegetable oils

Folk Recipes For Treatment of Liver Cirrhosis

Yoghurt and Cumin Powder

Dilute 2 tablespoons of yogurt  into 50oml. water.  Add 2 teaspoons cumin and a teaspoon of salt, mix well. Divide the mixture into two glasses and drink 1 cup in the morning and one in the evening before  meal.

Lemon Juice and Salt
In a glass of 250 ml.  of water, squeeze half a lemon. Add a teaspoon of salt, stir and drink 3 times a day before meals.

Juice From Spinach and Carrots

Choose two large carrots and grate well.  Strain and filtrate the juice. Make the same with 7- 8 leaves of spinach.  Mix both juices and drink 3 times per day till feeling beter.
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How to Lower Cholesterol? Holistic Way Of Curing High Cholesterol. Treatment With Herbs And Other Natural Ways.

How to Lower Cholesterol? Types of Cholesterol.
With Herbs. 
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Cholesterol is a very important substance for our bodies to function normally. It is almost everywhere in our body: cells, brain, skin, liver, intestines and heart. Our body produces many hormones, vitamin D and bile acids using cholesterol.
If our blood there is too much cholesterol, the excess can accumulate over the walls of the arteries, coronary arteries, carotid arteries to the brain and the arteries that supply blood to the legs.These plaques (cholesterol) can cause narrowing and obstruction of the arteries, causing a stroke or a heart attack.

Narrowing of the arteries can cause angina (chest pain), because the heart muscle doesn’t get enough oxygen. If there is a sharp increase of pressure in the arteries (this can happen if you have high blood pressure, or if you leap out of bed very quickly, or when you bend down to tie your shoes), parts of cholesterol plaques in artery walls may rupture.
In turn this leads to the formation of a blood clot, which can completely block the artery and cause infarction or stroke.

How to Protect Our Heart During the Autumn? Safety Tips and Herb Recipes.

How to Protect Our Heart
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Measuring your blood pressure regularly, nourishing food and lots of sport activities will strengthen your cardiovascular system during the fall.
Autumn is one of the worst seasons for the cardiovascular system.  During this season we see acute exacerbation of many chronic diseases. Heart attacks and strokes increase due to the heavy weather conditions, related to fluctuations of atmospheric pressure, temperature and other circumstances.Usually, weather changes affect  elderly people who are prone to them.
Even if a patient is in a good health, fall may provoke heart problems - shortness of breath, tachycardia, discomfort and a feeling of chest pressure. In order not to reach critical situations it is better to take care of your health in advance.
Control your blood pressure
If you have unstable blood pressure, you should measure it at least twice a day, especially in autumn, when weather can change in minutes or hours. It would be good to make a diary and to write down every measurement. Thus, your doctor will be able to draw valid conclusions from this diary. It is good to measure your blood pressure at the same time, with a difference of not more than 30 minutes.
Control blood cholesterol levels                
One of the main causes of cardiovascular diseases is the increased cholesterol  level, that deposits in the blood vessels and leads to atherosclerotic changes.
In the autumn we usually change our diet. We start eating less fruit and vegetables. So, take care of your diet, eat more fish and products, which lower triglyceride levels.
Cholesterol levels can be normalized due to diet and optimum physical activity. During this season consume more carrots, beans, peppers and oatmeal. They lower cholesterol.
Do Exercise in Moderation

People suffering from heart disease should not train hard. It is best to go walking, swimming, cycling and running slowly. You shouldn’t feel  yourself  breathless during exercise. If something makes you gasp for breath, reduce the activities and slow down.
Herbs Which Can Help You

During autumn, our body suffers from a deficiency of vitamins, trace elements and a number of other biologically active substances, necessary for the normal functioning of the heart and blood vessels. In order to keep your diet healthy, you can use some herbs, which are suitable for the prevention and treatment of heart problems.

It contains vitamins C, A, E, B, P and K and  important components such as pectin, choline, tannins and triterpenic acids. Tea Hawthorn lowers blood pressure and enriches the heart muscle with oxygen. It reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood.
Brew 2 teaspoons of dried flowers and leaves of hawthorn with a cup of hot water and allow the liquid to stand for 15 minutes, strain it, and drink 2-3 cups daily.
It reduces the absorption of the cholesterol from food, lowers the blood pressure and helps in the treatment of atherosclerosis. Garlic contains antioxidants that protect the heart and arteries from free radical damage. It slows blood coagulation and thus reduces the risk of blood clots.
For the prevention of cardiovascular disease and lowering cholesterol levels, daily consume at least one clove of garlic. If you have atherosclerosis or hypertension, increase the amount to three cloves a day.
Attention!  Garlic thins the blood, so it should not be used at the same time with aspirin or vitamin E.
Rose hip
It is a source of large list of vitamins - C, C, R, R, and F. In the fruits of rose hip there are iron, magnesium, phosphorus, tannins, pectin etc. The rose hip strengthens the immune system, blood vessel walls and has anti-sclerotic effect. For a great effect drink 2-3 cups of rose hip tea daily.
Red Mountainash

This fruit contain high amounts of vitamins C and P, and also organic acids, carotene, tannin etc. It lowers the blood pressure, normalizes  the cholesterol levels and metabolism.

Recipe (red mountainash)

Pour one t.s of dried fruit with 600 ml. water. Boil it for 10 minutes and soak it 10 minutes. Drink 200 ml. 3 times daily before meals. It improves heart work, tones the body, diuretic, improve digestion, diarrhea, pain and spasms of the intestine.

Treating Osteoporosis With Natural Cures. Sesame - The Universal Osteoporosis Remedy.

Treating osteoporosis with natural cures
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Osteoporosis occurs when the bones become porous, brittle and prone to fracture. Do not despair if you have osteoporosis, there is a natural treatment for you. In fact, many remedies for arthritis, help treating osteoporosis , although these are two different diseases. A healthy diet is vital and very important for prevention and treatment of osteoporosis. 

Please, focus on root vegetables (carrots, turnips, beets, radishes) and green leafy vegetables (spinach, kale, lettuce). Calcium and magnesium are very important, as well. 

Try to take at least 500 mg of magnesium every day. Zinc, vitamin A, vitamin B6 and B12 and potassium are also essential additives.
Bananas, yogurt and raisins contain potassium, while sweet potatoes, carrots and apricots are good sources of beta carotene, which reduces to vitamin A.
Horsetail is a good source of silicon, which provides flexibility and strength to the bones. Take 700-800 mg twice daily.
Nettle is another natural cure for osteoporosis. Take 300 mg nettle two times every day. It is an excellent source of calcium and magnesium.
Dandelion extract also contains many vitamins and minerals.

Ginseng and ginger are excellent natural remedies for treating osteoporosis. Take 500 mg of each herb twice a day.

Drink green or black tea. It has been proven that drinking green tea improves bone density.

When Should I Get Bone Density Test?
  • if you are a woman after 40s (then the bones may begin to weaken)
  • if you are postmenopausal woman under 65 (it means you have at least one risk factor)
  •  if you are a woman, receiving hormone treatment for a long time
  • if you have radiographic records of reduced bone mass
  • if you are below the average height
  • if you are woman over age 65
  • if you are  man over age 50

When It’s Advisable to Perform The Test?
At least once between the age of 20 and '40, in order to be established the condition of the bone system after its formation, and to be applied preventive measures if necessary.
Risks Factors
  • early menopause , with women under 45,  and after gynecological operations
  • women living a sedentary lifestyle
  • family heredity
  • coffee, cigarettes and alcohol abuse
  • corticosteroids  treatment  over 3 months

What Do We Know About Sesame? Unknown Facts.

The magic berry called sesame treats many diseases, including osteoporosis:  

  • complements the energy of the kidneys, which can affect the quality of the bone tissue (e.g. osteoporosis.), and the formation of blood (anemia), as well
  • improves the quantity and quality of sperm (male infertility)
  • affects the quality of the hair(its growth), also affect hearing
  • it is used in the prevention and treatment of constipation  and dry cough
  • sesame should be a daily addition to the diet of women in menopause – during hot flashes, sweating, insomnia, palpitations, weakness
  • it’s used in humans with excessively sweating, hyperactivity, with tendency to high blood pressure, heart diseases, cerebral problems
  • externally, sesame oil is used in earache, skin burns, as applied with a cotton swab. To lower the temperature, apply the sesame oil over the skin.
  • it increases longevity

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