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Natural Remedies work! Since the beginning of time, individuals have been depending on natural remedies.
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How Can Protect Yourself From Hip Wear

Hip wear
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Do you know that the gelatin can help restore cartilage and protect it from damage? Drink at least two liters of water a day to stay well hydrated, as well.
Women are more frequently involved in “painful reality” - joint wear, osteoarthritis and diseases of the muscles that affect their quality of life. 

Hip wear  is one of the most common and dangerous joint problems, so it's definitely worth it to learn more about the symptoms.

What causes hip wear?
Osteoarthritis of the hip (s) affects cartilage. Remember that part of it is the femoral head and the cavity where the bone is located. Around this area there is a network of muscle fibers and tendons that cover the cartilage and absorb different hits.

There are two types of hip wear:

1.Primary wear and wearing over time. It appears around the age of 60-65.
2.Secondary osteoarthritis - as a result of trauma, joint problems,  poor nutrition and bone problems. In these cases, people are starting to have problems with hip joint about 30 to 35 years of age.

1.Trauma - sprains, injuries or improperly treated diseases cause wear of the hip joint.
2.Vascular problems - vascular insufficiency. It develops as a result of problems, caused by osteoarthritis or some shifts, but in this case the cause is vascular.
3.Congenital diseases - children are often born with problems, such as hip dysplasia - a disease associated with growth hormones (or other problems).
4.Unbalanced skeletal structure - it is common in people, suffering from a disease, in which one of the legs is shorter than the other.

Symptoms of hip wear
It is obvious that the first symptom of any arthritis condition is pain. Some believe that it is concentrated around the thigh, and in fact it is felt in the groin. It is possible to descend to the bottom (reaching knee) and return back to the buttocks.
Sometimes when you move, you may feel a sudden pop. Pain in the hip can be a muscular problem, but if in the groin, it is the result of wear of the hip joint.
In the beginning, the pain is not too severe and occurs after exercise (long walk, running, lifting heavy objects). Usually, after at rest,  pain will go away.
Later on, pain becomes more tangible. Performing daily activities (such as climbing stairs) is difficult. Sitting cross-legged at night becomes painful, you feel cracking or burning in the groin.

How can I prevent hip wear?
If you suffer from such pain, take measures to change your lifestyle. Eat so that the body gets all the nutrients it needs. Do light exercises (without exhaustion).
Follow the advice of your doctor, without abusing anti-inflammatory medications and muscle relaxants, because they can damage the liver in the long run.

If you want to avoid hip wear follow these steps:
1.Always keep a low weight.
2.Do light exercises or other exercises every day that do not require movement of the hips (walking, jogging or swimming).
3.Increase consumption of vitamins C, A and D, because they help to synthesize collagen.
4.Eat more fruits (mango, citrus, pineapple, carrots, melons and strawberries), vegetables (especially cruciferous), garlic - useful in reducing joint swelling.
5. Take gelatine for regeneration of cartilage ( bones can not be restored, but the cartilage can).
6.Do not hesitate to take a magnesium supplement. This nutrient is essential for maintaining the joints in good health, and the general condition of the body.
7.Drink at least 2 liters of water a day. It is crucial to be hydrated, because it supports joint health and nourishes cartilage.

Some people take supplements such as glucosamine sulfate for hip wear preventing. This is a natural way to strengthen this part of the body, bones and cartilage. Talk to your doctor about the beneficial properties of glucosamine sulphate.

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