Natural Old Folk Recipes And Herbs

Benefits of Treating With Folk Recipes

Natural Remedies work! Since the beginning of time, individuals have been depending on natural remedies.
It’s proved that almost every illness have a natural remedy. The most important advantages of natural remedies are:

Very easy to use with no side effects and they are prepared with no chemicals

Much milder on your body and you know exactly what ingredients are in your remedy

Natural Remedies Are Safer, Everyone Knows About The Negative Effects Of Drugs Overuse

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The Healing Power Of Swedish Bitters. 46 Unsuspected Properties.

What cures Swedish Bitters?

1. To dispel pain and dizziness and to strengthen brain and memory, smell a swab, soaked into Swedish Bitters, or put a moistened cloth on your forehead.
2. They help against cloudy eyes and remove redness and pain, even if the eyes are inflamed, cloudy and hazy. They also remove stains.
3. It cures rashes and flesh-wounds of any kind, if well moistened.
4. For toothache, pour a tablespoon of these herbs in a glass of water and hold it for a while in your mouth.
5. Canker sores or any other disabilities can be frequently moistened with these drops.
6. If difficult to swallow, you can take Swedish bitters, three times a day. Drink slowly, for better effect!
7. During abdominal crisis, take a tablespoon.
8. When have colic, take three full tablespoons - slowly, one by one. Soon after that, you will feel relief.
9. It cools the liver, eliminate all diseases in the stomach and flatulence,  help if you have constipation.
10. Swedish bitters  is great remedy against indigestion.
11. It helps if you are bilious. Pain will disappear soon, if take a full tablespoon of these herbs every day, and before bed time make compresses with them.
12. If you have dropsy, take morning and evening by a full tablespoon of the drops, deluted in a small amount of white wine, for six weeks.

13. Pain and tinnitus can be treated with soaked cotton wool. This is very beneficial and brings back lost hearing.
14. If a woman has pain in the uterus, she has to take every morning a tablespoon of Swedish bitters with small amount of red wine, for 3 days. Half an hour after that, she can walk in the park, then she can have breakfast. Warning! Drops should not be taken with milk!
15. Morning and evening, by one tablespoon, during the last 14 days of pregnancy, stimulates birth. To fall placenta easier, mother is given every two hours, a coffee spoon of the drops, while the placenta is expelled without pain.
16. If mother has some inflammations over breasts (after giving a birth)  they may quickly disappear, if  applied with Swedish bitters.
17. It drives away smallpox in children. When pimples begin to dry, you’ll have no scars.
18. These herbs can be used against intestinal worms in children and adults. Piece of cloth, soaked with drops is applied on the navel (make sure it is constantly wet).
19. All complaints with jaundice disappear very quickly, if it is taken a tablespoon of Swedish Bitters, three times a day.
20. It cures hemorrhoids, kidneys, removes melancholy and depression, improves appetite and digestion.
21. They can treat internal hemorrhoids, if at the beginning are often dampened by these drops, especially at bedtime.
22. If someone lies unconscious, open his mouth and give him a tablespoon of the drops. So, the patient soon will recover.
23. This remedy helps when have spasms, or convulsions. During time they disappear.
24. If you suffer from pulmonary disease, drink Swedish Bitters, every morning on an empty stomach, for at least six weeks.
25. If a woman loses her menstruation or it is very strong, then drink three days Swedish Bitters and repeat this twenty times.
27. If someone suffers from epilepsy, he would be immediately given Swedish Bitters.
28. These drops cure paralysis, vertigo and nausea.
29. They heal smallpox and erysipelas.
30. If someone has a fever, hot or cold, he is given to drink a tablespoon of these herbs.
31. These drops also treat cancer, old warts and cracked hands. If a wound is old and has festering or granulation in it, it should be washed well with white wine, then applied with soaked piece of cloth. It takes away the swelling and pain, and the wound begin to heal.
32. They heal all types of wounds without risk. Get a soaked cloth and  cover it. For a short time they take away the pain, also prevent gangrene.
33. They remove any scars. All wounds are healed and leave no scars.
34. They can fundamentally heal all fistulas, even if they seem incurable.
35. They treat any injuries from burns, whether from fire, hot water or fat, if the injuries are moistened well. It forms no blisters and removes burning fast.
36. Lumps and edema can be treated, as well.
37. These herbs bring back lost appetite.
38. Swedish Bitters help with anemia, when taken for a certain period of time (only in the morning). They clean blood and stimulate its circulation.
39. They remove rheumatic pains in limbs, when have taken morning and evening.
40. They heal frostbitten hands and feet. They must be imposed more often, especially at night, with a moistened cloth.
41. Apply moistened cotton swab over corn. After three days the corns fall out, or can be removed painlessly.
42. They heal dog bites (and other animals). Wounds are imposed with moistened cloth.
43. It treats plague and other infectious diseases.
44. If you cannot sleep well, take these drops before bedtime. Put moistened cloth over heart.
45. Two tablespoons of Swedish Bitters are enough if you are drunk.
46. ​​Everyone, who takes these drops morning and evening have long and healthy life.

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