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Why Maintaining Our Lymphatic System Is So Important? Stagnant and Sluggish Lymph – Treatment.

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In order to function well, lymphatic system must be in very good condition. Millions of people around the world are struggling with sluggish and slow lymphatic system. This is because it is clogged by waste products and fat. The lymphatic system is closely related to our immune system. Speed with which operates the immune system depends on the bad or good function of lymph.

Lymphatic system
When infected, the cells that have identified "invader", have to migrate into the lymphatic system and to deliver data to lymphocytes (T cells), which are located in the lymph tissue.

What is lymph stasis?
Proper movement of lymph is essential for fast movement of our immune system during infection (and not only).
The fluid between each cell of our body, turns itself into lymph fluid, while enters the lymph vessels. The waste products of metabolism, that are too large to enter the blood, are transported through our lymphatic system to the liver for processing. The more we are exposed to depreciation of various factors and conditions, the more waste products have to go through this lymphatic system.
Lymphatic fluid, passing through the two major thoracic channels on both sides of the spine, between the shoulders.

 Sluggish and stagnant lymphatic system is characterized by different symptoms related to stress in this area of body, a sort of internal "constipation". Lymph circulation have no own pump, but instead it works with the contraction of muscles. To run properly, lymphatic system needs daily a lot of movement.

Symptoms include numbness, lymphatic stagnation and tension in the shoulders. This is an area where muscles, nerve endings and breast ducts are hold in one. A problem in any of these systems, causes problems to the other parts. For example, even if you have already healed a wound, lymph stagnation also may be available.

Lymph system is a system that is under constant pressure. When it is in stagnation / stasis in the area of ​​the neck and shoulders – it directs pressure to the head. This in turn, can cause headaches, starting from the back of the neck, and goes to head up. 

Pain can crawl to the top of the head or you can feel it behind the sinuses. This can cause excessive mucus secretion after a meal. Thus, lymph system, releases waste substances which can not pass through the fine lymph channels. You can feel this mucus / phlegm  in the morning, after getting up. This is often a signal for permanent sinus problems. Lymph fluid in head must drain itself through the lymphatic system, and if it is slow in the shoulders area, that can cause head lymph stagnation.

A stagnant lymph can cause frequent ear infections (most often in children). Purifying processes in our lymphatic system are happening at night. If your lymphatic system is not functioning properly, breast channels will swell during sleep, and will pinch nerves that go to arms and hands, and to a lesser extent those which go to face and legs.

Pressing of nerves usually causes numbness in hands or legs during sleep. Many people have such a problem and this occurs in overloaded or poorly functioning lymphatic system. The cause is lymph stasis. Since our lymphatic system is a system that operates under pressure and if it acts slowly, we will be more susceptible to environmental changes. Those, who feel bad themselves, when the weather deteriorates or during air travel, have not well functioning lymphatic system, which is at a stasis. Even full moon or new moon can cause problems for people with such lymphatic system.

"Engagement" of our lymphatic system is to absorb and transport much of the fat we consume. So foods high in fat can cause problems in people with poorly functioning lymph system, which can cause snoring or sleep apnea.

Many people are worried when they wake up with severe dizziness, assuming that this is very dangerous, but if the doctor asked them whether they have eaten something before bedtime answer is almost always "yes." Fats in our food, forcing further separation of sludge in the lymph, when it performs its cleaning.

The pressure of lymphatic fluid in the Eustachian tubes of those people, it affects the vestibular system, causing a waste of balance and dizziness.
Overuse of fatty milk and dairy products in children, causes blockage of the lymphatic system and create an environment for recurrent ear infections. On the other hand, the flow of the lymph is stimulated by fat and physical activity. And the consumption of fatty foods especially before bedtime, can badly affect the movement of lymph.

Stress is a major challenge for the lymphatic system. It literally shrinks the thymus gland, but on the other hand, too much stress creates excessive amounts of waste, which must be purified through it.
Lymph around digestive tract maintains an appropriate immune response to what happens in the abdomen.

 For example, if we have constipation - in the digestive tract is observed clogging of lymph, as there is no room for new waste products.
Maintaining a healthy intestines and stomach is vital to the lymphatic system. Lymph fluid passes through the liver for processing, then in the gall bladder into the intestines and finally it is thrown away from the body.
Edema or water retention is another classic example of inefficient lymphatic system. Accumulation of fluid in your legs or the need for diuretics shows that the immune system is not functioning well.

Stagnation of the lymphatic system can be caused by medications for high blood pressure, which acts indirectly on the lymphatic system. The functioning of our lymphatic system can range from very effective to lymphatic stasis until it reaches fibromyalgia, the main problem of this system. Whatever the state of our lymphatic system is, it must be maintained in perfect condition to allow our immune system to fight flu and infections.

How to improve the condition of our lymphatic system?

They help the lymph in the short and long term. Aerobic exercises can accelerate the movement of lymph flow 5 times faster than normal movement of lymph. Strength training of the upper part of body, is associated with improvement in muscle mass, and has long lasting effects.

Recommendations if you have lymphatic stasis:
  • drink plenty of water (every kilogram weight is related to 30 ml. of water). For example, you weigh 80 kg. x 30 ml. = 2.4 l. To every 2 liters of water put a pinch of sea salt.
  • get plenty of exercise, walk at least 20 minutes, three times a week
  • aerobics, stretching, yoga, deep breathing
  • use trampoline, or jumping at home
  • enhance circulatory as clench both hands into a fist and release (20 times) and 20 times bending and unbending feet

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