Natural Old Folk Recipes And Herbs

Benefits of Treating With Folk Recipes

Natural Remedies work! Since the beginning of time, individuals have been depending on natural remedies.
It’s proved that almost every illness have a natural remedy. The most important advantages of natural remedies are:

Very easy to use with no side effects and they are prepared with no chemicals

Much milder on your body and you know exactly what ingredients are in your remedy

Natural Remedies Are Safer, Everyone Knows About The Negative Effects Of Drugs Overuse

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Why Maintaining Our Lymphatic System Is So Important? Stagnant and Sluggish Lymph – Treatment.

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In order to function well, lymphatic system must be in very good condition. Millions of people around the world are struggling with sluggish and slow lymphatic system. This is because it is clogged by waste products and fat. The lymphatic system is closely related to our immune system. Speed with which operates the immune system depends on the bad or good function of lymph.

Lymphatic system
When infected, the cells that have identified "invader", have to migrate into the lymphatic system and to deliver data to lymphocytes (T cells), which are located in the lymph tissue.

What is lymph stasis?
Proper movement of lymph is essential for fast movement of our immune system during infection (and not only).
The fluid between each cell of our body, turns itself into lymph fluid, while enters the lymph vessels. The waste products of metabolism, that are too large to enter the blood, are transported through our lymphatic system to the liver for processing. The more we are exposed to depreciation of various factors and conditions, the more waste products have to go through this lymphatic system.
Lymphatic fluid, passing through the two major thoracic channels on both sides of the spine, between the shoulders.

How To Prepare 8 Cheap Healing Extracts From Herbs And Spices At Home. Do It Yourself.

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Surely, you have ever encounter a recipe, requiring extract from some herbs or spices - vanilla, mint, almond and coconut are among the most common. 

So, I decided to teach you how to do it yourself at home. It’s easy.
For this purpose, you need some small jars (with a screw cap) or glass bottles, vodka and herbs/spices. I’ll show you how to prepare extracts from coconut, orange, ginger, lime, vanilla and several mixed.

Here are some important things that's nice to know in advance to prepare a good extract:

1. To obtain qualitative extract, it should pass at least 2 weeks (in some cases 3-4 weeks).When the taste of vodka become unnoticeable, the extract is ready.
2. Jars/bottles should be shaken every day during preparation of the extract, it may take 2-3, or 4 weeks.
3. After extract is ready, you can remove the herb (spice) / if you want/. Also, you can leave it inside, especially if you think you'll use it more than six months, because the taste can be reduced. This does not apply only to mint - its leaves should be removed from the jar, after 2-3 days.
4. Jars must be kept in a cool dark place. If you keep them on a shelf (ie not in the dark), use jars of dark glass.
5. The extracts will not spoil. The only danger is the weakening of taste, over time.
6. You can always refill vodka or to add more spices/ herbs.
7. You can also use other types of alcohol, if you think that the flavors will fit - such as rum or tequila. The important thing is to be strong alcohol, about 40%.
8. You can use the extracts to flavor cakes, for cocktails or treatment.

1.Extracts from oranges, limes / or lemons/, grapefruits
Proportion: you can use the peel from one lemon/orange with 150ml alcohol.
Wash well the fruit peel, then put it in the jar, pour vodka to the top, close tightly and shake.

Proportion: use 1 vanilla pod with maximum 100ml of alcohol
To prepare vanilla, cut it in two, lengthwise. With the back of the knife, scrape the seeds. Then cut the pods and put everything in a jar. Pour vodka and shake.

3. Mint
Proportion: a handful of leaves with 150ml of alcohol
Get 5-7 stalks of mint, wash well and dry. Put the leaves (without stems) in a jar, pour vodka and shake. The only difference with other extracts, is that mint leaves should be removed after about three days.

Proportion: half a coconut with 200ml of alcohol
Stick a nail into one of the "eyes" of the coconut, empty the juice through the hole. Then, using a hammer, crush " the equator" of the coconut. The brown part is peeled with peeler and the white-grated or minced. Put it in a jar, pour vodka and shake.

5. Cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and ginger
Easy preparation-just put all these spices in the jar, cut ginger into chunks, pour 200 ml vodka and shake.

6. Ginger
Proportion: root the size of a large walnut about 150-200m alcohol
It is important to be well washed. Cut it into pieces, add vodka and shake.

7. Apple and cinnamon
Proportion: 1/4 apple and 1 cinnamon stick, 150ml of alcohol
Apple and ginger does not need to be peeled. Just cut and put in a jar, add cinnamon stick. And, of course, vodka.

8. Almonds
Proportion: 5 almonds with 150ml of alcohol
Peel raw 5-6 almonds and put them in a jar with vodka.

Good luck and do not hesitate to experiment!

Best Ways Cleansing Lymph

The lymphatic system is older than cardiovascular system. It is also called "The White River". The first deception of official medicine is that it cannot be affected. For sure, here are countless methods of alternative medicine that can help.

The lymphatic system stays in the basis of the purification of inter cellular spaces, and it is also a part of our immune system. Its function is to filter the blood, to produce white blood cells, to protect us against diseases etc.
The lymphatic system includes spleen, thymus glands (endocrine gland), appendix, tonsils, lymph nodes and vessels, lymphatic tissue. 

When lymph passes through the lymph nodes and spleen, the obsolete cells, bacterial agents and other alien substances (got into body) are being removed. The purified lymph returns again in the lymphatic system.

Clogging of the lymphatic system may lead to many diseases:
allergies, sinusitis, arthritis, cancer, colitis, lupus (erythematosis), obesity and skin problems. It can also be the cause of edema (water retention), lack of energy, constipation (constipation), clogged sinuses, backache, aches and pains and a sense of weakness, lethargy.

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