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Benefits of Treating With Folk Recipes

Natural Remedies work! Since the beginning of time, individuals have been depending on natural remedies.
It’s proved that almost every illness have a natural remedy. The most important advantages of natural remedies are:

Very easy to use with no side effects and they are prepared with no chemicals

Much milder on your body and you know exactly what ingredients are in your remedy

Natural Remedies Are Safer, Everyone Knows About The Negative Effects Of Drugs Overuse

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Vaginal Yeast Infection In Women. Treating Candidiasis With Natural Remedies – Yoghurt, Tea Tree Oil, Garlic, Calendula, Apple Vinegar And Honey. Old Folk Recipes.

Vaginal Yeast Infection In Women
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Candidiasis is a fungal infection that affects different areas of body: genital area,vagina,  skin, throat, blood etc. It is spread by an overgrowth of fungus. The most common is Candida albicans .


1. Oral candidiasis.
2. Invasive candidiasis (candidemia) - penetration of infection in blood.
3. Candidiasis of skin folds.
4. Candidiasis in babies.
5. Candidiasis in genital area, vaginal fungus (yeast infection or vulvovaginal yeast infection)

1. Oral candidiasis (oral thrush)

This is a fungal infection that affects the oral cavity or throat. It is also known as "thrush".  It is commonly seen in:
babies, elderly, people with HIV or a weak immune system, patients undergoing chemotherapy, people with diabetes, after prolonged antibiotic therapy.

The most common symptoms include:
  •  white coating  in throat and tongue
  •  difficulties in swallowing
  •  flushed mouth
  • chapped lips

If you have these symptoms, visit your doctor! Untreated, the infection can fall into blood, which is dangerous.

2. Invasive candidiasis (candidemia).
Falling  in blood, this type of  infection can spread to other parts of the body, if the immune system  is weak.

Often the symptoms are vague, and  it depends on which part of the body is affected. Among the more popular are:
  • fever
  • chills
  • feeling of weakness and fatigue

Risk groups
This type of infection may occur in people, who have been hospitalized, had a catheter or surgery. This is one of the main causes of blood infection (blood transfusion, etc.). Babies born underweight are also included in the risk group.

Invasive candidiasis requires immediate treatment!

3. Candidiasis of skin folds.
This is a fungal infection, that causes a rash in the area of the soft body folds. The locations of which it occurs are:
  • between toes (mycosis), but may be due to corns, psoriasis and others.
  • armpits
  • between the fingers (often affects countries with warm climate)
  • under breasts, groin or buttocks

4. Candidiasis in infants, diaper rash "dayper dermatitis"

Not all cases of diaper rash are caused by fungi and yeast, but when specifically related to fungi,  we can experience following symptoms:

  • dark red spots on the skin in the folds of the thighs
  • white or yellowish coating, sometimes pustules that are peeling
  • redness around the genitals and baby’s anus

Occasionally, the rash spread to neighboring areas, thighs, abdomen, chest, armpits, and rarely face.
Risk groups
• children with weak immune systems
• continuously taking antibiotics

5. Candidiasis ingenital area, vaginal fungus (yeast infection).

These fungi live in their normal environment-vagina. This kind of infections is caused by "Candida albicans". In the vagina "live" many bacteria and a small number of yeast. When in this acidic environment (vagina) balance of microorganisms is changed, yeasts begin to spread out very quickly.
This acid balance is very "fragile" and can sometimes be disrupted by cold, at high levels of estrogens (during pregnancy), hormonal therapies, diabetes, AIDS, taking antibiotics and others.

Vaginal fungus primarily affect women, symptoms may include:

• very intense itching in the vagina
• feeling of pain and redness
• white clot, like cottage cheese
• pain during intercourse

These symptoms may occur in the week before menstruation. Fungal infections are common during pregnancy. If you are affected then, first talk to your doctor. Very often fungal infections are being repeated.  If they are more than 3-4 per year, it is nice to make a vaginal test, to remove suspicion of another possible causes (eg diabetes).

Preventive measures
• Keep your vagina clean (use mild soap)
• Change underwear often (humidity is suitable for bacteria growth)
• Avoid tight-fitting jeans and trousers
• Replace immediately wet swimsuit
• Replace tampons frequently

That kind fungus can affecting men. Symptoms are red rash on the penis and itching or burning on top of the head.
Important! Genital infections must be treated in time. The infection can be transmitted to the partner, that’s why treat it together. Avoid multiple sexual contacts.

Diet in candida. Food to avoid.
Avoid all types of sweets, processed foods and fruit juices.
Do not eat prepared cereals, corn, millet, rye, corn flour, polenta, noodles, starch, pasta.        


• pasta, cakes, white bread, dough, yeast, all kinds of cakes, pastries, donuts
• legumes: beans, peas, beans
• animal products: cheese, yogurt, sour cream, cottage cheese, fruit and milk
• dried fruit: plums, apricots, pears (because they contain fructose). After cure candida, you can eat fruits with moderate sugar content: apples, grapefruit, melon and strawberries.
• Drinks: alcohol, coffee, fruit tea, fruit juices
• foods containing proteins: beef, chicken or pork
• Vegetables: beets, canned (tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers) mushrooms (all types), potatoes

Foods to eat during candida

The ideal diet for people suffering from candida are rich in protein and fiber foods,  and small amounts of fresh fruits. Also you can eat:
  • asparagus, onions, garlic, ginger root, cabbage, radish, green pepper, parsley, spinach, tomatoes
  • raw garlic and onions have natural antifungal properties and is good to consume more
  • Foods containing protein: fish, chicken, duck, nuts, seeds and eggs
  • Foods containing carbohydrates: rice, beans, oats
  • seeds and nuts: almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds

Folk recipes and herbs to treat candida

It is one of the best foods for home treatment of candida, used by both men and women. In the yogurt is there is a very useful bacteria Acidophilus (acidophilus). It stops rapid spread of the infection in the body.

Tea Tree Oil
Tea oil contains highly effective anti-fungal ingredients, it successfully fight the "Candida albicans".

Recipe 1
1. With swab soaked in oil, you can rub affected areas. Attention! Contraindicated in pregnant women.

Recipe 2
2. In a small bowl, mix 2 tablespoons of coconut oil, 7-10 drops of tea tree oil and 2-3 drops of apple cider vinegar. Put a swab in this mixture and place in over the affected area.

He is known as a natural antibiotic and it is very good remedy against candida. You can consume it daily.

      Take a clove of garlic and then peel it. Hang up a thread on it and insert in the vagina. Leave it overnight, in the morning you can throw it. If it smarts, you can throw it away earlier, but your patience will be definitely rewarded. Repeat 2-3 nights, or more. Do not worry, in the morning smell of garlic will be gone.

      Great herb that you can use as an ointment or solution. It has soothing and softening effect on the vagina. Attention! Do not use it if you have andida of the mouth or  throat.
Apple vinegar
It contains components that control the growth of candida. It can be combined with water at a local treatment.

Recipe 1
Mix 1 tablespoon of apple vinegar with 1 teaspoon of salt, in a half glass of water. Take a piece of cotton cloth and soakit for 2 minutes. Sprinkle with baby powder and apply it on the affected area.

Recipe 2
In one liter of water put 2 tablespoons of salt and 2-3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, shake well. Wash your vagina inside and out then rinse. Repeat the procedure, but without rinsing, leaving the liquid to dry on you.

Recipe 3
Moisten a wab of this mixture( from recipe 2), and change it every 4-5 hours within a week.Symptoms will disappear soon!

For severe itching and burning in the vaginal area (immediate effect).


Coat the affected area with a swab, dipped in a cup of honey. Wait 5-10 minutes and rinse with warm water.Repeat this procedure 2-3 times during the day. Really helps!

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