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The Most Common Reasons Of Hair Loss. Six Home Remedies And Recipes Treating Hair Loss And Baldness

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Hair has a major aesthetic role for all of us and therefore hair loss, or damaged hair worries not only men but also women.
It is believed, that a normal person loses 50 to 100 hairs every day, and it does not affect vision of our hair. For hair loss we can talk when fallen hair is considerably more and drop out of the scalp without much effort. Before taking any measures to treat hair loss, you must consult a dermatologist. He will determine the possible cause of thinning hair and recommend appropriate treatment. Self-medication should be avoided because it may have unwanted side effects. Experts differ several types of hair loss:

1.Androgenic alopecia

Androgen hair loss is the most common and is believed that it has family story. It is caused by the impact of androgen (male) hormones. In females this type of hair loss occurs with thinning hair at the temples, and later loosing hair at the front part of the scalp.
The process develops itself into symmetrical sections and rarely starts before of the age of twenty. Although, women also suffer from androgenic alopecia and according to different sources, the percentage of affected is between 10 and 20%.

2. Hair loss caused by illness
Many diseases or mechanical harm can lead to hair damage follicles. Traumatic hair loss appears very often as a result of accidental physical injury, or as a result of frequent cosmetic procedures. In most cases, hair loss is reversible, and hair recovers itself after eliminating the reason. The most common causes are frequent treatment of hair with different dyes and pigments, daily use of presses and hair-dryer. Experts warn that high temperatures destroy hair structure and permanently damaging it. It is recommended that hair should be left to dry itself.

3. Reactive hair loss
In some states, such as prolonged and high fever, blood loss, mental shock and severe stress, in some people can appear significant hair loss and even baldness.
Dermatologists calm that reactive hair loss is reversible and within a few months hair follicles fully recover. In 30% to 50% of women,(after childbirth) appears significant loss of hair, but it recovers to half a year later.

4. Hair loss caused by malnutrition
In drastic diets or irrational diet (with reduced protein intake) it is noticed that hairs become dry, brittle, and even can be partially lost their pigment.

5. Hair loss in patients with endocrine disorders
Hair loss is a common reason in patients with endocrine gland problems. For example: In hypothyroidism, hair is dry and brittle. Doctors remind that hair loss can be a side reaction during treatment of certain diseases and conditions. Such drugs can be cytotoxic agents, anticoagulants and thyrostatic preparations.

Today, medicine has a number of preparations that are able to protect hair fromdestruction if treatment is started on time.Hair loss is a widespread problem and the process is strictly individual.

Here are 9 of the most common reasons for hair loss and baldness:

1. Stress
Stress and emotions have negative effect on your hair health. The destruction of hair follicles destruction is not immediately, but usually requires a period of 2-3 months.
When a person is exposed to severe stress for a longer period of time, the adrenal glands enhance driveability and produce large amounts of the hormones -testosterone and norepinephrine. Changes in hormonal balance leads to increased hair loss.

2. Disorders of the thyroid gland
A common cause of thinning or hair loss is impaired thyroid function. In this case, treatment is hormonal and MANDATORY.

3. Pregnancy
During pregnancy, in mother’s body is increased concentration of hormone estrogen, and hair looks healthy and vibrant, but hormone’s level is being normalized and often appears hair loss. Experts recommend being taken calcium, iron and B vitamins.

4. Menopause
Menopause, as pregnancy, is a period accompanied by violation of the hormonal balance. During menopause, reduces the production of female sex hormones, and this leads to the predominance of male hormones in the body. Furthermore, the climax is a form of chronic stress. And the result of it is hair loss.
Treatment: hormone replacement therapy.

5. Prevalence of male hormones
By the increased production of testosterone, some women may suffer from hair loss, (which is more characteristic about men). There is no cause for concern for complete baldness.

6. Autoaggression
This type of hair loss occurs because body perceives hair as a foreign substance and rejected it. As a rule, hair loss in such a case becomes part of the individual spots. Consult with a specialist immunologist!

7. Cosmetics and chemicals
Excessive use of aggressive coloring agents, destroying the structure of the hair and irritate scalp. Some cosmetic products violate the acid-base balance of the hair, making hair brittle. Dermatologists recommend use of chemicals to be minimized. Use pH-neutral shampoos only !

8. Genetic predisposition
Genetic predisposition is considered as one of the most essential factor for thinning and even complete hair loss. When hair loss is genetic justified, by the hair follicles do not grow hair. This happens even in young people, and cosmetics, masks and treatments are powerless to slow the process. In this case, the only alternative is hair transplant.

9. Lack of vitamins and minerals
Lack of following minerals also can cause severe hair loss:
vitamins of group "B".

During last five months of pregnancy, body produces more estrogen and progesterone (female hormones), which causing increased hair growth, and growth after birth is normal, but after that we can see strong hair loss.
Menopause also causes hormonal imbalance, which also can provoke strong hair loss.

When hair falls out most?
According to some sources, hair falls out most in fall, but probably real cause is the aggression hair has been exposed to  during summer (strong sun, wind, salt water and heavy sweating ) and possible lack of minerals,  which causes hair loss.

Can we prevent hair loss?

First of all, we need diet, rich in carbohydrates (that provide energy) and vitamins (especially B-complex and PP), that activate blood circulation, and mineral salts (potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium). You need to eat lots of eggs, milk, cheese, fish, liver, raw vegetables, dried fruits, cereal grains. Reduce soft drinks, tea and coffee, foods containing refined sugar. Avoid, using too much hairdryer.

Folk recipes against hair loss 

It’s known that vitamin C deficiency leads to hair loss, so it is nice to eat more liver, bread, honey, sunflower seeds, walnuts, rice, vegetables and fruits,  a lot of oranges. Another possible cause of hair loss is the lack of zinc in the body. You can get it from veal.


1.Mix two teaspoons of nettle leaves and 2 tablespoons of burdock roots. Pour about 400 ml. boiling water over it and leave the mixture to soak for about 2 hours. With this infusion you can massage the head several times daily.

2.Put 2-3 peeled potatoes in one liter of water. When the water is heated to its boiling, add the peelings from 5 large onions, to boil about 5 minutes, then remove. In mixture put half rye bread to boil 20 minutes, then strain. Smear head with this mixture, and wrap a towel to stand 20 minutes, then rinse with water. Do this procedure for 4 months, 2 times in the week.

3. Apply  jojoba oil once a week. Do this at night, wrap head with a towel, to stay overnight.

4.Make homemade lotion with 100 ml of vodka or brandy, by adding 5 tablespoons of ash, from vine twigs. Smear head every night.

5. Apply your head with grated onions, soaked in vinegar, or smear only with onion juice.

6. Mix one tablespoon of aloe juice, a tablespoon of honey and a teaspoon of garlic juice. Leave mixture in the refrigerator overnight. Do mask of this mixture by adding one yolk. Put the mixture on your head within 1 hour, then rinse with chamomile tea or nettle.

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