Natural Old Folk Recipes And Herbs

Benefits of Treating With Folk Recipes

Natural Remedies work! Since the beginning of time, individuals have been depending on natural remedies.
It’s proved that almost every illness have a natural remedy. The most important advantages of natural remedies are:

Very easy to use with no side effects and they are prepared with no chemicals

Much milder on your body and you know exactly what ingredients are in your remedy

Natural Remedies Are Safer, Everyone Knows About The Negative Effects Of Drugs Overuse

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Lemon Water To Lose Weight Fast . Tips To Boost Your Metabolism.

Lose Weight Fast 
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Do you want to begin with a cheerful mood your day?

There is a simple way to achieve this without much effort. Start every morning to drink a glass of water in which you've added juice of half a lemon. It looks simple, but the effect is guaranteed.

It is better to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. You can add a slice of fresh lemon. This cocktail gives you vitamin C and energy. Lemon contains a lot of minerals and helps the good functioning of the liver and kidneys. When mixed with water, lemon has a positive effect on the digestive system, kills bacteria and removes fatigue, fights overweight.
Furthermore it helps to purify the body of harmful substances. Hot water with lemon helps digestion, because it contains citric acid. It interacts with other enzymes and acids and can stimulate the secretion of gastric juices and digestion.

Water with lemon cleanse liver

Lemon juice stimulates the elimination of toxins from the liver and  brings them out. Warm water with lemon helps guts empting.

Lemon is a powerful antioxidant. Water with lemon is essential for normal metabolism, it protects body from free radicals, strengthens the immune system and save us from premature aging.

Lemon is high in potassium. Potassium is an important mineral that works with sodium to smooth electrical transmission in brain and nervous system. Depression, anxiety, fear, often result from low potassium levels in the blood. The nervous system needs a sufficient amount to ensure sustainable signals to the heart.

So, the work of your heart will surely be improved after regular intake of water with lemon. Furthermore, the lemon contains calcium and magnesium in a good proportion. Calcium is needed for bones, prevents rickets ,  osteoporosis and magnesium is important for the heart.

Water with lemon and may lower blood pressure. It is especially useful when the blood pressure does not exceed 160/90. The effective therapeutic dose is two lemons a day.
When start treatment with lemon, you should  regularly measure your blood pressure and if it falls ( it is possible after 2-3 weeks) please, reduce the dosage of hypotensive medicines or stop taking them.

Water with lime creates the effect of the alkalization in the body.
Even if you drink it immediately before a meal, it will help your body to maintain a high level of ph and it will help your body to be more resistant against diseases.
Lemons and all sour fruits are being dissolved in the body and make an alkaline reaction. Water with lemon helps to dilute the uric acid ( it leads to joint pain, and gout when it is being accumulated).

Water, diluted with natural lemon juice, affects the performance of the joints, reduces pain in the muscles. Water with lime reduces mucus in the body. Lemon juice contains a huge amount of vitamin C, which helps digestion and increases immunity.

Water with lemon brings out fats, helping to reduce weight.
Pectin can normalize the level of sugar in the blood and also to clean the lymph.

When and how to drink water with lemon?

For this purpose you should use warm purified or spring water.
Take half a cup of warm water with sugar and squeeze at least half lemon.
Aftre drinking it rinse your mouth with water to prevent damaging the tooth enamel of citric acid. According to many studies it’s useful to drink water one hour before eating, to maximize results.

Water with lemon for weight loss

Lemon contains 31kkal. per 100 grams. First intake of water with lemon should be made in the morning. Boil 200 ml of water and drop a slice of lemon. This will speed up the work of the digestive system and remove fats. During the day you can also eat a few slices of lemon, it will help to achieve the desired result. Pectin contained in lemons helps reduce appetite. Grind a lemon with the peel and add 1 liter of water. Drink from this mixture all day to detoxify the body.

For fast weight loss, make an infusion of green tea with two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar and lemon. When you take water with lemon for weight loss, try to drink more plain water. This will not only help to lose weight fast, but will not allow the lemon juice to destroy your stomach. 

Along with lemon juice eat more fruits and vegetables that are rich in fiber, which reduces appetite.

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